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Client raves
...and other feedback

gWe love to hear back from customers. Below are some excerpts from mail that has come to our staff regarding various translation jobs recently delivered.
Client's industry

Work ordered


Labor union

Korean to Japanese

"We were very impressed with the interpreter's level of skill, and would like to have her at our conference in Tokyo as well. Our Korean counterparts were equally impressed. Thank you so much for responding to our rather sudden request!"

Food production
and sales

English to German

"We searched long and hard for a company that could provide natural translation of technical terms used in our industry. Among those who submitted competing bids, yours was the most cost competitive. We want to thank your staff for always responding promptly and politely. We will surely be ordering from JAPANtranslation in the future."

General merchandise
goods producer

Japanese to English
"We had responded to your advertisement in The Nikkei Industrial News. We were pleased to get not only translation of our questionnaire but the wise guidance of a native translator as well. Very satisfied."


Japanese to English

Japanese to Chinese

"We were so glad to find a translation firm that could handle English, Chinese and many other languages. We have people here in the department who speak foreign languages, but all of us were impressed with the way your various professional translators knew medical jargon in their respective languages."

PC peripherals

Japanese to French

"The translation was delivered right on the target date, and all email messages from your staff were both prompt and courteous. We're always put at ease when, with each delivery, your rep asks us to "review and point out anything that doesn't look right." This isn't surprising. Of the five companies we originally asked for an estimate, yours was the only one that responded the same day. Another reason we selected JAPANtranslation was that your account rep was available to review the estimate with us by phone. As much as we value your level of service, we also note that yours was the highest price among the vendors we approached. Cost is important to us, so we may need to negotiate a basis for receiving discounts on future orders."

Pharmaceuticals and
OTC drug manufacturer

Japanese to English

"Our customer introduced us to JAPANtranslation, and we were glad your staff could meet with us in person before starting the project."

Advertising agency

Japanese to Korean

"Since I'm unable to read Korean at all, I had to trust my JAPANtranslation rep to confirm the quality of the delivered translation. I was amazed that it could be delivered the next day but didn't realize there would be a surcharge for the express order. After that, mail from your rep clarified key points in the translation, and eased my anxiety with a follow-up phone call. It was my first time dealing with JAPANtranslation, and dealing with the Korean language, as well. Now we realize just how important it is to go with an experienced vendor."

Precision instruments
parts manufacturer

French to Japanese

"We had tried other translation companies in the past and found them really lacking. Technical terms weren't translated correctly, and one company even used automatic translation software that produced Japanese gibberish. By comparison, working with your company was like a breath of fresh air. The accuracy of the translation and the courtesy of your staff made a world of difference."

Advertising agency

Japanese to English

"In the field of multi-lingual web marketing, we depend on linguistic consultants to go beyond mere translation. Awareness of local regulations, local usability concerns, industry all matters to us. This was our first order. We look forward to working with you again soon."

Web developer

English to Japanese

"The quality of the translation was important to us since our client is a globally known sports brand. We're very satisfied with the way the copy turned out. It was also a pleasure working with your staff. We'll be requesting more work in the future."

Advertising agency

Japanese to English

"We changed the initial translation order halfway through the work. JAPANtranslation's staff adapted to the changes and charged us only for the part we changed and kept to the original delivery date. Very impressive. We were able to deliver to our client ahead of time."

Interior design

Japanese to English

"We value the quality of translation most of all. We were put at ease by your rep's kindness and attention to detail."

(Private practice)

Japanese to French

"I admire your coordinator's manner of handling customers and writing skill. Your prices are slightly higher than other firms, but I'll order from JAPANtranslation again next time."

Music publisher

Japanese to Korean

"We had been having trouble displaying the Korean hangul characters after we received the finished work. Thanks to your staff's after-care, this was resolved. Much appreciated."


Japanese to English

Japanese to Chinese

"We're satisfied not only with the translation but the entire proofreading process, the thoughtful advice we received, the way our doubts about parts of the language were addressed. Really, thank you very much."

Design firm

English to Lithuanian

English to Estonian

"There aren't many firms that would handle these rare languages. Granted, JAPANtranslation's prices were a little higher than others, but your staff got back to us quickly about the extra amounts. I was satisfied overall."

A major developer

English to Japanese

"I was impressed that your staff could deal with our schedule and budgeting even though this was our first time working together."

Information systems

German to Japanese

"Dealing with your account representative I was able to put my mind at ease."

Gravitational pressure
equipment manufacturer

Japanese to English

"This time we needed a document translated for our director in America. We asked the U.S. staff to give us their honest review of the translation and they gave it very high praise. Thanks especially for helping us by phone during the holiday! I asked to have the time to delivery shortened and you delivered a day early. Thank you very very much."

Printing machine

English to Thai

"We were very satisfied by the promptness of delivery and the way your staff handled the order. We had a payment date time limit sandwiched right between the New Year holiday and the start of the year. We were delighted that that you could honor that even though other translation companies we found had various disclaimers about holiday deliveries."



"I tried ordering proofreading from other companies and kept getting responses such as, "We're busy" and "Not possible right now." Finally I was able to get my research paper in on time only because JAPANtranslation delivered right away. The other companies probably thought that my field, molecular biology and genetics, was hard to deal with. Your proofreader was able to follow my paper and even helped me develop it!"

Print and web

Japanese to French

"It was great working with you on this. The price was a little higher than other firms, but we felt well taken care of."


English to Japanese

"Correspondence was quick. Cost was reasonable. Quality was above average. I look forward to working with JAPANtranslation again."

Japan Translation

CLIENTS include...
  • Accenture
  • AdMob Google Inc
  • Agilent Technologies
  • ARM
  • Beyondsoft Group
  • Burton • Münch & Partner World Wide Writers
  • Canon
  • Canon Communications LLC
  • Connexion Corporate Communications
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Ecocert Group
  • ELSA Japan Inc.
  • Embassy of Israel, Economic Department
  • Ericsson Mobile AB (Sweden)
  • Faxcore Corporation
  • FIFA World Cup Office
  • Fujitsu
  • Geotechmin OOD
  • Heidrick & Struggles
  • Incisive Financial Publishing Limited
  • Information Architects Japan
  • Invest-Partners Wealth Management
  • ITP nv
  • IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature)
  • JMC K.K.
  • JTB
  • Kirton & McConkie, PC
  • Language Line Services
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • myGengo, Inc.
  • Nacio Systems
  • Nasdaq Japan Planning
  • NEC
  • Nippon Steel
  • Noon International
  • Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Philips Japan
  • Polyphonia
  • Preton Ltd.
  • Reuters
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical
  • SH3, Inc
  • Sharp
  • Skřivánek s.r.o.
  • Sony
  • thebigword
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Toshiba
  • UPS Yamato Express
  • VanceInfo Technologies Inc.
  • Xtralis Pty Ltd.
  • Yamaha Motor Company